The COVID-19 pandemic fundamentally altered our perception of personal safety, particularly in terms of air quality and respiratory health. As the virus spread globally, the importance of maintaining clean, sanitized environments – especially within our homes – became a great concern. This urgency was the start of a significant acceleration in the demand for in-home air purification systems.

Each time you enter your home, you are followed by a cloud of contaminants. Setting itself apart from conventional air purifiers, AURA Ion Bar represents an innovative leap in indoor air quality technology. This game-changing approach ensures air purity without the need for constant filter replacements, making it a more sustainable and cost-effective solution for maintaining high indoor air quality.  

Ion Bar with Ions Flowing

What is Ion Bar? 

The AURA Ion Bar is an innovative germicidal partition designed to effectively block the transfer of contaminants as one enters and exits through doorways. Instead of relying on filters to capture contaminants, Ion Bar focuses on blocking contaminants in the first place. It creates a thin sheet of air loaded with a high concentration of negative air ions (NAI), Ion Bar’s air sheet covers the doorway and physically blows contaminants down and away from the breathing zone. NAI are incredibly effective in eliminating and deactivating pathogens, while simultaneously causing airborne contaminants to fall out of circulation.1

How Ion Bar Works  

  • The air curtain creates a “mechanical” barrier by blowing contaminants away from the breathing zone and towards the floor. 
  • Within this sheet of air, generated NAIs are attracted to inhalable airborne particulate matter including dust, smoke, allergens, and pathogens, and in-turn enhance their attraction to other particles.  
  • Pathogens exposed to the NAI are inactivated, killing bacteria and inactivating viruses. 
  • Due to their size and charge, the large coagulated airborne particles are more effectively carried to the ground and out of the breathing zone.

Ion Bar in Public Setting

AURA Ion Bar is unlike anything else- it is not an air purifier. Ion Bar utilizes its patented doorway design to create an invisible curtain of moving air loaded with NAI that prevents contaminants from entering your space at the point of entry. Rather than removing contaminants gradually through air circulation like other generic air purifiers, Ion Bar exposes pathogens to germicidal NAI before they can contaminate the room.  

Learn more about NAI and how they work to keep our air clean here.  


Air Ionizers and Ozone Emission 

While other generic air ionizers rely on HEPA filters in order to reduce the amount of ozone released, Ion Bar is specifically and carefully designed to be filter-free but still ozone free. Regulatory agencies such as the California Air Resources Board (CARB) have published strict limits on ozone emissions from electrostatic air cleaners. The CARB limitation for such devices is 0.050 ppm (parts per million). AURA Ion Bar has been tested extensively internally and by independent third parties for ozone production and was found to produce less than 0.001 ppm of ozone. 

If you’d like to read more in depth about AURA’s testing of Ion Bar from Innovative Bioanalysis, click here

The AURA Ion Bar™ stands as a unique and advanced solution in the realm of air purification. Its innovative use of NAI and patented doorway design ensures effective elimination of pathogens and pollutants before they can enter your room. According to a report following testing done by Innovative Bioanalysis,  

“AURA Technologies Ion Bar demonstrated significant efficacy as a germicidal partition, reducing the transfer of SARS-CoV-2 aerosols by 99.98% and neutralizing surface SARS-CoV-2 to below quantification limits (> 99.998%) after 30 minutes of exposure.” 

Unlike conventional air purifiers, it requires no filter, making it a more economical and sustainable choice. Moreover, its tested and proven unmeasurable ozone emission reassures its safe usage in various settings. Therefore, opting for Ion Bar is not just choosing a device but an assurance of breathing cleaner, healthier air in the comfort of your indoor spaces. 

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