From January 9th to 12th, the tech industry’s brightest minds traveled to Las Vegas to attend CES 2024 (Consumer Electronics Show). This annual event showcased the latest technology innovations and groundbreaking companies, offering a sneak peek into the future of tech. This year’s conference featured a wide range of revolutionary products and advancements in various industries.

CES 2024 Las Vegas

One area that stood out was the focus on air quality technology. With growing concerns about indoor air quality, pollution, and climate change, it’s no surprise that companies are investing in ways to improve air quality for both personal and public use. Keep reading to explore a selection of the most fascinating air quality products that were showcased at CES, as well as a glimpse into a first-in-class device, paving a new era of indoor air quality technology.

Latest Air Quality Products Unveiled at CES

1. Moss Air by Taiga Inc.

As a CES 2024 Innovation Award Product Honoree, this product was by far the most captivating. Described as a “desktop-sized humidifier and purifier,” what sets this device apart is its use of moss technology, which mimics nature’s natural filtration system. Moss Air harnesses the power of moss to effectively capture carbon dioxide. Its innovative moss panel filters not only trap fine dust particles but also convert carbon dioxide into oxygen. This groundbreaking solution seamlessly combines nature’s efficiency with air purification technology.

Read more about Moss Air here.

2. Airthings Renew Air Purifier and Wave Enhance

Airthings launched 2 new products at CES, introducing the Wave Enhance, an air quality monitor, along with their first ever “smart air purifier”, Airthings Renew. The company’s very first smart air purifier, crafted in Scandinavia by indoor air quality experts, was created with the idea that fresh, revitalizing air belongs in your home. Airthings Renew is equipped with a powerful 4-stage HEPA-13 filter, which effectively eliminates up to 99.97% of particulates. Additionally, its high-performance carbon filter is able to remove gasses and odors from the air. The sleek and modern device claims to “fully cleanse the air in the typical bedroom within 10 minutes.”

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Read more about Airthings Renew here.

3. Ultrahuman Home

Similar to the Airthings Wave Enhance, Ultrahuman displayed their innovative home health tracker at CES 2024. Ultrahuman Home is made to be a personal home environment monitor that delivers comprehensive insights about your home’s health straight to the Ultrahuman app, providing you with “scores” and actionable tips to improve your home’s well-being. Its advanced sensors monitor everything from light levels to air pollution, humidity, noise, and even smoke, ensuring your environment is as healthy as can be.

Read More about Ultrahuman Home here.

4. Woosh Smart Air Filter and Air Quality Monitor

At CES 2024, Woosh unveiled two innovative products that prioritize indoor air quality. Aside from introducing an innovative air quality monitor, they captivated the audience with their advanced smart air filter. The Woosh Smart Air Filter provides a modernized, high-tech solution to air filtration. Featuring highly accurate filter sensors, secure magnet installation, and optional gasketing for the perfect fit, this filter is designed with precision and convenience in mind. Through the Woosh Air app, users are able to see the quality of their HVAC filter in real time and receive alerts when it needs to be replaced.

Read more about Woosh Smart Air Filter here.

5. Mila HomeKit Air Quality Solutions

Mila wowed the crowd at CES 2024 with their impressive lineup of air quality products- all compatible with Apple HomeKit. Their most notable at the conference was their new combined humidifier and air purifier, the Mila Halo. This 2-in-1 device that merges a humidifier and an air purifier eliminates both inorganic and organic contaminants, like bacteria and fungi, providing clean and healthy air. With intelligent controls and customizable design, Mila Halo is a stylish and innovative device for any home.

Read more about Mila’s air quality products here.

Beyond CES: Air Quality Products on the Rise

After exploring the impressive air quality innovations at CES 2024, it’s clear the industry is making strides towards healthier indoor environments, but CES isn’t the only platform for new air quality products. Other players in the market are also delivering innovative solutions to enhance indoor air quality with cutting-edge technology.

1. AURA Ion Bar

The AURA Ion Bar is a game-changing innovation that’s set to redefine the way we think about indoor air quality. Unlike traditional purifiers that clean the air after 20-30 minutes, this revolutionary device creates an entirely new category- it blocks contaminants before they have a chance to enter your space! With its dual-protection system, it creates a germicidal barrier using a gentle air curtain infused with Negative Air Ions (NAIs).  

These powerful NAIs effectively block and reduce the transfer of COVID-19 by a staggering 99.98%. The goal is to replace plastic shields with germ-eliminating air, creating a safe environment to bring people back together. When it comes to stopping the spread of COVID between two people, Ion Bar has been shown to provide a staggering 100x more protection than an N95 mask. 

Picture this: an Ion Bar installed above the checkout of a cafe, ensuring the safety of both workers and customers by shielding them from contaminated air. Now, you can enjoy your favorite cafe with peace of mind, knowing that your indoor air quality is protected. And, because Ion Bar is whisper-quiet, you and the barista can enjoy natural interactions without a plastic wall separating you.  

The AURA Ion Bar is here to revolutionize your indoor air experience. Read more about Ion Bar here. 

2. WellisAir Pure

WellisAir is advanced air purifying technology that creates a healthier living environment. Using proactive “hydropure” molecular technology, it effectively removes smoke, viruses, bacteria, allergens, and other pollutants with a 99.9% success rate. Mimicking the natural process of hydroxyl creation, this eco-friendly solution is safe for children and pets, operating quietly and consuming minimal energy.

Read more about WellisAir Pure here.

3. AirVisual Pro Indoor Monitor

Experience peace of mind and healthier air with IQAir’s AirVisual Pro Indoor Monitor. This innovative and stylish device effectively monitors air quality levels in your home, school, or business. It measures a wide range of pollutants, including those from cooking, cleaning, wood burning, smoking, wildfire smoke, and traffic pollution. Users are able to stay informed about real-time and historic air quality through the IQAir AirVisual app.

Read more about AirVisual Pro Indoor Monitor here.

These advancements in air quality technology are not just impressive, but crucial in today’s world. The products showcased at CES 2024, and others mentioned, are paving the way for a new era of indoor air quality preservation. As the industry continues to innovate, we hope to see even more solutions that contribute to healthier living environments, ultimately improving the quality of life for so many.


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